She just stopped texting me. Girls, can ya'll help me understand this?

Alright, I asked this question before and I only got one response from a guy, so I thought I would try again and see if I can get a few girls to give me an answer, too.

I like this girl and I asked her if she wanted to hang out. She said she did, and it seemed genuine, but when I tried to set it up she just stopped texting me. She has told me that she is forgetful and gets distracted easily, so I texted her again after I didn't get a response for about an hour and still didn't get a reply. I haven't texted her since and it has been 3 days.

Basically, can you try to explain this and what should I do?

I texted her. We were friends when we were REALLY litte, like babies-3 years old. Then we didn't see each other until randomly a few weeks ago. I don't know any of her friends, she goes to a different school.
I guess it's more like I want to get to know her better because we were friends way back when and just based on how it's gone so far I think she seems pretty cool. I guess that's where the I like her part comes in.
Just in case you were wondering, which I doubt you were, I texted her for the first time since last Sunday and I haven't heard back from her. I said, "heyy what's up?" It's been 4.5 hours :/


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  • Well if the girl said yes the first time was it in person or over text? because sometimes when guys ask girls to hang out in person they feel obligated to say yes, but inside they may not want to hang out. Also how well do you know this girl, because if you hardly know her and you don't chat much, she may have been surprised that you asked her to hang and she may be nervous or think it may be awkard to hang out. If you know some of her friends or she knows some of your friends you could try to set up like a group hang out before you hang out alone.


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  • It seems like she's blowing you off. I have had friends do this before because they couldn't say no "because its mean" so they would just stop talking to the guy.


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