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Do narcissist ever regret hurting a good girl?

I was really hurt by a toxic narcissist guy to the point of him physically beating me and stripping away my self-esteem... he even tried to have sex with my mom :-( I'm getting therapy and it's a long process of me healing. I'm struggling with body dysmorphia, depression and PTSD. He seems so happy on Facebook and even better looking. It looks like he is in a conquest to find another girl.

I know I shouldn't be searching for him because it stops me from healing, but I'm still really in love with him and it hurts that someone you treated so well is the person that treated you worse than trash.

That being said, will he ever feel remorse for what he did to me? Or do narcissist never change as they get older... he is 33 years now.

Thank you :-)
Do narcissist ever regret hurting a good girl?
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