I can't say anything so what should I do.

me and my ex broke up almost a year ago. it was a bad breakup and I was hurting for a while. we eventually became good I hope. when he talks to my friends I don't like it. I've actually spoken to them about it many of times some understand and some don't. I have a feeling my friends will hang with him on vacation the weekend I will be back home. they are friends with his friends too. I don't want them to hang with him without me, I'm not sure if it'll even be an issue but its a possibility.


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  • He's not your boyfriend anymore, and even if he was its not right for you to have a say in who he can and can't hang out with. Its natural for you to still feel protective over someone that was once yours and not want anyone to talk to him, but if you were really over him and everything was good you would be fine with him hanging out with whoever.

    I guess if your friends know how you feel they won't go any further than friends with him, but you can't stop them from hanging out together while you're not around. If they already know you're worried about it and they are good friends, they will try to respect you as much as they can. But to a certain degree, what you're asking for is not fair on them. Just because you were once with him doesn't mean you can own him forever. He will move on eventually and it will just hurt you, just let it go and try not to care about what he does. It sounds hard, but its best for you.

  • Don't stress over this "guy". If you have confronted your friends about your feeling you have to realize that not everyone understands you therefor you may have to see it from both sides on side can be that those aren't real friends or they just don't see what the problem is. There are plenty of other guys you will meet they come and go friends are there for life keep them close don't be silly and blow it out of porportion let them do what they please no ones getting hurt plus he can do what he pleases I'm sure you do feel odd with him just coming and speaking to people you have probably known longer he might just be a really friendly person you must act mature about it don't ever let him make you feel left out love, TRUST YOUR FRIENDS. GOODLUCK : )