Dating a friend I liked, but no feelings yet, what to do?

I've known this girl for about a year and a half, and we recently started dating. I've been having a lot of fun (now after three dates), but haven't developed the feelings that I think I would have with a girl who was really meant for me at this point. We've kissed quite a bit, and talked a lot, but really still nothing. We have many mutual friends.

My question is, how much should I give it to try to develop feelings, or should I just break it off now to avoid something that would be much more hurtful down the road?


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  • There's no way to 'try' and develop feelings - you can't force something that just isn't there.

    Why waste your time ? Or her time ? There's no harm in giving one more date a try, but if by the end of the evening there are still no sparks flying, it would be best to end it. It is definitely better to do now than to hurt her feelings down the road when she is far more attached.

    • need assistance comment on my question...

    • Hey bowanarrow, I'm not sure what question you're referring to. If you asked it anonymously, I won't be able to find it unless you send a link.

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  • Why do you kiss a girl you don't have feelings for?

    So did you keep dating her? Or are you staying friends with her?


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  • Jeez...u've only had 3 dates! give it a chance!

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