When you're upfront and honest with a girl?

So when a guy be upfront with a girl and she ignores it what does this mean..You know she's heard it, it's not like it was never said. But the kicker here is next time you see her she is as normal as always and even accepts hanging out with you.

How does this work, why would you girls do such a thing?

I mean as in you've told her how you feel. I can understand ignoring it and not hanging anymore etc. But still hanging out and so on and ignoring I told her I liked her?


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  • Oh.. well in that case it might mean she doesn't like you in the way that you like her. It would be a lot easier on you if she would just tell you.

    • Yes definitely. It's just abit strange she still angs out an stuff like we weren't mates or anything before all this so I don't see where this is going...

  • Can you be more specific? But I think from that, If she is continuing to hang out with you it must not bother her.


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