Why must I remain on "lock-down"?

I'm not really locked down, but my ex believes I am. See, we broke up about 5 months ago after dating +1yr. Neither one of us is dating new people, but he consistently invites me over, about once a week, and we end up getting high and having sex. But every now and then he asks who I'm hanging out with and if I'm seeing anyone, and how it would crush him. He doesn't want to be with me.but he doesn't want me to be with anyone else. And I know what your saying "Hes got another girl on the side." And I know 100%, he doesnt. He's too white bread with his good morals to do that to me. Insight.please.


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  • this reminds a bit of me and my ex, because I was in the same situation like a month after our break-up and I'm glad I got out of it. seriously I think that if he really is 100% sure he doesn't wanna be with u, then he's just using to get over u. like he'll sleep with you and look around at the same time and if he finds s.o. better he will be gone. he's just with you now because he hasn't found s.o. else. and he doesn't want you to be with s.o. else because guys just don't like seeing their ex-gf wiht s.o. else. my ex just tried to get that part out of his way so he tried to hook me up with other guys, obviously it didn't work and he did admit that he was jealous. I mean even though he doesn't want u, he is kind of holding on to you by sleeping with you and he probably doesn't want you to be the first one to find s.o. new. you just have to know whether this situation is enough for you or whether you want more, because then better just end it and don't wait for him to leave u!


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  • An ex is an ex. He has absolutely no claim on you. None. At. All. Answer the booty call, but put him on notice: if you're not his girl, you're nobody's.

  • Not sure what your question is.

    You are broke up so being single and everything that goes with it is back in play. He has no right to be "hurt" if you decide to see someone else.

    Seems like you have a FWB relationship going on and if that works for both of you then enjoy it; but FWB also means that others can enter the picture.

    • My question is...What type of f'd up mentality do you have to have in order to tell your ex girlfriend you don't want to be with her but if she got a new boyfriend, you'd be done with her? Its not the typical FWB situation though, like we lived together for a year, got a dog, and now, its wasted-hookups...

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