Why do some men want to hurt women?

I had started chatting to this guy online. We hit it off pretty well and I agreed to going on a date with him. Although the conversation with him felt quite sexual, I agreed to going out with him anyway.

When we got on the date he told me I was stupid, I was a geek, called me a 'bitch' and that he knew more knowledge than me. He told me he showed his brother a picture of my sisters and that my bother found my younger sister very attentive which really hurt my feelings. He then told me that my tummy stuck out but he thought it was cute and podgy. When I confronted him about it, he said 'relax I was just saying it in jest.'
He kept prodding my nose too and saying it 'was cute'

Later on I was getting sad about my ex because i thought he was gay and this guy continued to tell me that my ex wasn’t gay and that he knew loads of guys like my ex who were all over women but were girlish like my ex. This made me question breaking up with my ex and it upset me.

He kept squeezing my legs and my shoulder when I was with him but so much that it really hurt and I was screaming in pain
He then said that I was lucky to be going out with him and that any girl would be lucky to have him as a date.

Why was he wanting to hurt me physically and emotionally?
Why do some men want to hurt women?
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