What went wrong?! Did I come on too strong?

I like this really cute guy in my group. He seems to be reserved and shy when it comes to girls. I don't think he has dated anyone before. I'm shy myself so I never tried flirting with him.. I think he's about my age 21..

Anyway, I sent him an email about our group work and he replied back. I asked if he wanted to study with me and a friend but he said he had big exams coming up and he really couldn't. I sent another mail saying "I'll never see him again after the exam :(" he replied back that it was sweet and he's going to study abroad for a year but when he comes back we might be in the same class. He also said "if you can't last without seeing me add me on Facebook"

(is he flirting back or?)

After this mail I said things like "no, do you have to go for a whole year" and that I think he's a "hottie". Now he's completely ignoring me. Was it just too much for him to handle? Maybe he doesn't find me attractive enough or something :(


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  • You might have over done it just a bit with the flirty e-mails. By saying you think he is a hottie kinda makes ya sound like a giggling teenie. Give him a few days time, then try sending an email telling him how you feel, in that you are hoping to eventually develop a relationship between the two of you and that you hope you didn't embarrass him with your past e-mails.

    • I think you're right.. I can tell that he's shy so he must be surprised that I called him a hottie. Or he's simply not interested. But do you think he understood that I was flirting when I wrote "I'll prob never see you again after the test"?.. cos if he knew, I don't know why he wanted me to add him on fb if he wasn't interested..

    • From this point I would keep conversations on FB casual. From time to time you can mention missing him or how you're looking forward to his return, but try not to over do it. Also be careful what you post on FB "public" pages. Be sure and send more personal issues in pvt messages. I do think he is interested, just control how much sweetner you use, if ya know what I mean.

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