Anyone else in a "dating slump"?

Lately, I haven't had any luck with women. I'm not meaning sex, just every woman I meet seems to already be dating someone or not looking for a relationship or just plain not interested. I'm guessing that everyone goes through them, but have you?

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The woman that I like right now is currently dating some other guy. Still, I can't get her out of my mind. Good thing that her and I still are friends.


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  • That's pretty much a description of my entire dating career.


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  • ever girl I seem to meet lately has a kid or is just not desirable to me so I guess I can say yes I am not meeting the women I would like to meet

  • Im not the pursuing type anymore. So I can't say I just live my life and train and that's pretty much it.

  • It sucks and totally changes my outlook on dating. The stress is overwhelming at the moment, but just remember you live you learn.

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