Should I text him? Am I annoying him? or will I seem clingy and desperate?

this guy likes me. gave me his number to text him. I texted him first/ we talked a few times. he's a good friend of my friend. she keeps telling me he likes me and keeps asking about me. I always make light conversation with him, trying to get him to talk to me more. but the other day I texted him in class. he told me that he was tired and we joked around a bit but then he stopped mid convo and didn't text me back. I called my friend (who is his really good friend) later on that night and told her and she said that he was talking to her just an hour ago. so it was kinda like he ignored my texts...its been a couple days and I haven't texted him back... and he hasn't either my question is am I annoying him? should I text him? or just let it go and forget about him...

thank you!


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  • No don't text him, woman hold the key too a mans heart,men like to be chased, don't text him he will text u, and don't be at his beckon call; )

  • If he doesn't respond to a couple of your texts that day, then don't text again. Txting more than twice a day is alot. Call him once in a while it's more personal. Leaving him alone will make him miss you.

    • I like this answer. I'm sorta in the same situation. It's killing me to cut back and not email or text him. Need to give him space and make him wonder why I dropped off the face of the earth.

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