How many of you have tried online dating sites?

I know many of you may not, but I'm curious to know how many young people (18-25) have tried it...usually its older people thing.

tell me about your experiences with it.

where you creeped out?

did you meet anyone?


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  • Used it from younger ages (when MySpace was starting to become "oh so cool") and then I gradually switched to facebook and added plentyoffish.. Shortly after I deleted plentyoffish because I didn't like the way the site was set up (way confusing) and because I was starting to look at local women instead of online women.

    My success was poor. Out of all the women I met online there was a handful which took the time to meet up with me in person, very few who turned out to be who they appeared to be/said they are.. and in the end it was just another way for me to keep my hopes high looking for the right relationship.

    Several of those people turned out to be good friend, though I regretfully announce that I only got one short term relationship out of the 100's of people I added (from my local area)

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Yeah, I've tried a few, and they're a waste of time for guys, I think, and probably for gals too, so really, I guess they're just a waste of time... Just seems to me that there are too many guys using the sites to get a quick lay and too many gals who don't really care to try. And a lot of the people I've messaged just aren't ready for relationships, either they don't have the self-love that someone else can't give them, or they've got other issues with friends and things.

    It's been almost a year since I started using various sites and I've been a member of just about all of the popular ones at least once. I've only met three people in person and messaged with maybe twice that. Granted, I don't live in a big city area, but none of them have turned into anything meaningful.

  • I tried Okcupid a few years ago didn't really try too much with it, only sent a few people messages but didn't meet anyone so I deleted it. About 8 months or so ago I got a new profile on there and have sent out a lot of messages got a few responses but so far no meet ups. I think it doesn't help me that when I have the option to narrow down search results I tend to look for a specific kind of woman which limits my options a bit.


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