What is my ex thinking?

we had broken up for 3 months.we are still friends after e breakup.recently we started getting close.just like we were then together.she said she don wanna get back .yes I still love her.she is flirting with others.therefore I tried to avoid her.but she keeps coming back.and when I didn't answer her calls and reply her text.she appear at my doorstep.wad is she thinking?what does she wants?

*she even took my house key


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  • thats weird. but y did you gav her your house key if she is behavin like dat? am if I wer you and I would lov her I would try 2 b a gd friend of her. see being a goodfriend is better then being an confused ex.

    when you start being her gd friend hangout answer her calls do what you hav to but those times you hav to keep your feelings aside. be a good fiend for a while and then you can start asking questions to her politely. and as you said abt her sounds like she is kind a forward person so go out sometime and talk to her abt your feelings for her and ask her what she is doing why is she like dat. because I think after you start a friend relation you might hav the right to ask her anything you want.

    if you hav any further questions,wanna share, need a friend for an advice jus message me anytime and I will get back to you as soon as I can. :)


    • hmm.thx soniya.i appriciate your kindness !

    • ur welcome :)

      message me anytime you need any advice or wanna share, I would b gald to help and get back to you as soon as I can. :)

  • well since you haven't surrendered, she is trying to get you back JUST TO stroke her own damn ego. DONT FALL FOR IT. everybody does it. If you ignore her, her ego starts hurting. She does everything to get your attention then falls back and watches you go to her. The oldest game PLAYED.

    • so wad should I do now?

    • well I don't know. I would meet her somewhere since yall are friends , take her to a nice place , a cafe , some comfy place to talk. NOT home. Make it a restaurant setting where yall sit face to face and ask her about her true feelings. Women aren't ashamed of feelings or emotions and have no problem revealing them especially if you know how to ask the right questions without getting her edgy. She should be able to tell you how she REALLY feels. Don't intervene just listen and then update us!

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