Would you date a "Family Member"?

Ok so I really like this guy.He seems like he can give me everything I want out of a relationship.I would really like to give him a chance but my aunt and cousin sayd he is my cousin.But my mother says he is not.His uncle calls us cousin because he grew up with my mother and aunts.Then my aunt says that there grandmother had the same lastname as the guy I wanna date.So should I listen to my mother or should I list to my aunt when she says they are family!My mother is older than my aunt so I think she would know more.Right?


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  • Find out what's the truth first. Pictures and other family members. Because you don't want to date within your family...i hope.


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  • I would try to find out the truth first and then make your decision on how to act... I am actually dating my moms boyfriends son ha ha Now we are not blood related at all. So its not to weird... Not really the same situation you're in, but just sorta around there ha ha I hope this helps. Even though my mom is dating his dad I still love him and I don't think it should matter.

  • i just wouldn't go there. too messy and 2 close for comfort

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