How do I kiss her?

Hi not too sure what to say here other than hi I'm new to this so go easy

Well where to start, me and this girl were friends for a couple of years seing each other every couple of weeks I'm 18 and she is 19. I finally asked her if we could give a relationship a try and she said that we should give it a go and see what happens. Well we saw each other a little more often but nothing really happend so I presumed that we were just bes friends but my feelings for her were growing and then about 2 months ago she started refering to me as her boyfriend and told her parents and her friends that we were going out and we see each other once or twice a week. So here is the problem I go in for the kiss, the big moment when she says she has a sore throat so I think well something is up so I left it for next time and I asked her do I get a kiss. She says yes but only on the cheek so I kissed her on the cheek and that was it. Since then the past two times I saw her I kissed her on the cheek goodnight.

Im wondering what to make of all this and where to go from here, the problem is that I haven't kissed properly before sober and she has? I don't really know what to make of this, when we go out we flirt walk hand in hand or arms interlocked. We sit hand in hand or I have my hand on her legs and we talk for hours and stroke her hair. What's everyones opinion and how do I actually try and kiss her?


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  • Nothings wrong with being a virgin, I find it sexy actually.

    • Sorry I'm not slagging virgins its just frustraiting for me not knowing what I am doing with her or what's going on.

    • Oh so she's the virgin? I thought you meant you were, just spontaneously kiss her or cuddle with her and grope her and see if she thinks if its going too far or if she likes it.

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  • wtf is wrong with being a virgin?

    • Nothing, its just not good being 18 and being a complete virgan in every way and it just frustraits me because I may have already lost this amazing girl because of it.