If you liked a guy would you always return their text messages?

Everything is set up right, but I don't quite now why she doesn't return my text messages. I mean I go out of my way to talk to her in person but sometimes text is easier. Anyways I'm just asking, if you liked a guy would you return their messages or would you play games and not? She is a sophomore in high school and I'm a junior, you don't think she would not respond just to mess with me would she?


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  • Personally, yeah, when I like a guy and he texts me I respond. And actually, I'm sorta in your position and the guy I like is in the girl you're talking about. But, just play it cool, when she does text you don't completely ignore her but don't respond immediately, either. Just wait a couple minutes or even half an hour. Don't make yourself seem too excited but be engaged in the convo. as well. Maybe her problem is that she wants you to talk to her in person more or maybe try calling her instead of texting.

    • I just really hate how you have to play it cool, I have the time why can't I just answer :( you don't think she is just playing games do you?

  • I wouldn't reply straight away. I might try to play it cool for a bit, or maybe not reply for a couple of hours to act as though I'm not sitting by the phone waiting for him to message me, when really that's probably what I'd be doing.


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