Would you date someone with opposite personality traits or similar ones as yourself?

What do you think? When it comes to personality, do you think opposites attract for you or do you think similarities are your thing? I know everyone is different.

If you are shy, introverted, quiet, simply not talkative, etc. or if you are outgoing, bold, loud, very talkative, etc. would you go for one or the other most likely? If you are very emotional, passionate, etc. would you go for someone who is the same or someone is more emotionally reserved or distant, neutral to most things, etc. ? Things of that nature. :)

I've yet to have a real boyfriend or girlfriend, but I kind of think I'd like someone similar to me, but to a lesser degree. Does that make sense? Like, I can see where people say opposites balance things out, and I agree they do, but my complete opposite would be someone who is very quiet, shy, doesn't talk much, isn't passionate, emotional, or argumentative, who may not be witty or funny, and is very emotionally dry or seems so. This type of person, even just as friends, seems to always take so much more unnecessary work to get on a deeper level with. I have to always initiate conversations, which I don't mind, but it's like I literally pull the conversation. They usually are reluctant to give their opinions or thoughts, so it gives off the impression that they have none, which is extremely unattractive to me. It's hard to get into meaningful or even simple discussions with these people because they are so reserved. And when they do like you supposedly, you can't tell! Because they don't talk! -.-

I think because at times my personality is toward one extreme, that I either want a person very much like me. It's that strong personality that I like so much in myself and I'm attracted to other people like that. However, strong personalities often clash. I might want a person who is more in the middle so they can be different enough to balance me out, but similar enough so we can have good conversations and reach a point of depth in the relationship. Although, someone who doesn't talk much might be the right match for me. They could probably tone me down in debates, listen to me, and maybe getting beneath those layers of shyness would be worth it, who knows.
Would you date someone with opposite personality traits or similar ones as yourself?
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