Should i fall back and call him less?

I and my man have been together almost for 2 years and long story short I have been kind of too worried about him calling me or texting me, We meet at least 4 times a week so there is no not seeing him enough but he is not a phone person and I don't call him while he's at work wel overall I want to call him to ''check'' less because hje said he feels like I don't trust him yes I don't trust him and he knows why and he can't even be mad at me cause its his fault but I still wanna be the ''cool girlfriend'' he once had.. who isn't too worried about him..who doesn't sweat and who doesn't call too much. I want him to miss me without thinking I'm playing games. How can I become the cool girlfriend he once had and loved? I need to back up but whenever I don't hear about ghhim I call him like crazy. I NEED TIO STOP


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  • Yah go ahead and be less approachable to him maybe it will get him thinking sbout you.

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