Why would he all the sudden act disinterested?

Long story short. Girl and guy meet at a party, come close to hooking up. They see each other frequently at parties and get togethers and there is flirtation but not too much because the girl's friends don't know she likes him and she doesn't want them to be able to tell. They hang out over Thanksgiving break with his friends and some of hers, girls friend says he seemes interested. He says for her to text him the next day to hang out again but when she does he acts weird about it and makes an excuse why he can't.

When back at school, they continue hanging out, mostly just by ending up at the same parties. He calls her one night saying that she should come to a party he's going to, she says she's already there, he says "Good, I want to hang out with you." Stuff is going well and girl thinks finally something is going to happen...but then he just randomly up and leaves. Because he is VERY drunk, she kind of attributes it to this but calls him out on it. He says the should hang out over winter break, texts her again during break to say they should do something the next week, sends her a text on new years to say hey...and then never texts her again to make plans for break.

Back in town, they run into each other with friends. They are both a little tipsy and end up holding hands at one point during the night and he says he sent her the new years text 'just because he was thinking of her'. He also asks why they didn't hang out during break (uhhhh seriously?!?).

The girl and her friend make plans to hang out with the guy and his friend over the weekend. On Friday, the guy texts the girls friend to ask if they still want to hang out...but not her. They have other plans so they say no. Same thing happens on Saturday, but this time he also asks the girl's other friend who they sometimes hang out with. Girl is invited along both times...but guy never texts her.

At this point, the girl has no idea why he is ignoring her and needs to know what happened so she can move on. She'd just think he was over it but the things he said and did when they ran into each other confused her. What should she do from here?


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  • Well girl let me tell you da truth from ma eyes...dis guy isn't interested jst you tell me and rhink ..why would anyone especially guys do dis to someone they're interested in? When and dis really is gonna hurt bt its when you are tooooo easyyy. You never show da guy that greatness inside you that makes. You unique for him to hate himswlf for never commiting to at least your friendship.. and what he's doing he "being a boy" because they love flriting and making girls feel better because that's their nature to wanna keep hanging on with u... now ma qtion 4 you is why are you so easssy if a guy says smthing like I can't do it tonight or tmorow over and over and does smthing different? Jst give up even if he like you he'll break your heart because he doesn't "RESPECT YOU" because when all humans want smting especially men they'll get it because its intereating bt your always AVALAIBLE for him so he ain't intereasted so stop saying yes to him and say your busy all da time then he,ll get upset your forgeting him and step up.wohoooo now that's a man..bst of luck sweetie


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  • This sounds like a confusing situation. My suggestion: stop texting! It just leaves too much room for ambiguity. The intention is hard to read.

    Call him. Ask him for coffee. Hey, we haven't hung out during the daytime; let's get coffee. Maybe three o'clock tomorrow at The Coffee Shop?

    If he declines and does not offer an alternative time, he's not interested like you're interested in him. In that case, let him go.

    If you go for coffee and have a fun time, do it again!



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  • I think that you need to text him too.. if you like him, you can't expect him to initiate every conversation or hangout.. you need to organize some of it too! Give hime some more time.. since you're not really showing interest in him, he's probably thinking that you don't really like him, so he might be starting to give up on you.. Text him sometime this week to ask him what he's doing this weekend, see if you 2 can maybe hangout!?! Just put some more effort into this new relationship, or you're not going to get anything out of it, it'll just lead to nothing.. text him! hope I helped! :) good luck!

    • I have texted him in the past though. The last couple times it was him but before that I had inititated the conversation a few times.

    • text him again! lol.. that's all you can really do to let him know that you're still interested! he's concerned about what's going on between you to in the time being, not in the past, so show him that you're still there.. :)

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