17 year old girl dating 14 year old guy?

1. He is my friend's younger brother

2. I know he likes me and I like him

3. It is essentially a senior dating a freshman

4. We get along great

5. Is the age difference too weird?

6. My mom thinks it's really weird

7. When we are together it's like there isn't an age difference

8. I look like a 14 or 15 year old (I have a baby face)

9. He is so adorable, sweet, and nice!

10. I don't know what to do...


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  • Well first of all, the age difference is a little weird. I know people are going to say that age doesn't matter, but it does. You are going to college soon, what are you guys going to do then? You are going through completely different things in life! In the beginning it probably won't matter, but later on it's going to become a problem. I have a friend and she is a 19 year old freshman in college and she is dating a 16 year old. He is constantly nagging her about her guy friends and cheating. He is too immature in most ways and they are just having tons of problems. Don't do that to yourself, just imagine the drama, the jealousy and the heartbreak. Not to be the negative one, it's just what I would tell any of my friends. I hope this helps, good luck if you need to talk you can message me :)


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  • I've got a girl in my year (same age as you) doing the same thing. sure she's happy, but she doesn't have the best reputation, people can crack jokes (e.g. future child molestor)

    maybe you could date in secret for a week or two, see if he really is a perfect match

    But hey, I'm just some guy on the internet, do what YOU wanna do! :)

  • It's something that's not my type at the time, But as you both grow older it'll become normal, so maybe wait 2 years, especially if your friends whose his sister if you know how'd she'd react and if it'd be bad at this point I'd say no. Also he's 14 and he may have friends that age and you may have to get sued to some immaturity from them.

    I'm 22 and it would be dating a 25 which is normally at that age, so if possible again wait 2 years.


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  • Well the teens are a really tricky year because anything outside of one or two years of a gap sounds really bad. (Like 16 and 12 oh my god that's so horrible but then you see 25 and 29 and no one bats an eye at it). So I'd say keep it low key for now. DON"T DO ANYTHING PHYSICAL, you'll get yourself into a lot of trouble, even though you're not an adult yet just, don't push it, he's still young for that, yes he's in high school but eeeeehh... No need to make more enemies. Just wait the few years till he's the legal age of consent then start talking about it. Or even better just wait till he's 18. Stick it out, it's only a three year difference, and as soon as he turns 18 or 19, and you're 21 or 22, no one will really think about it any more.

    The teens are a really iffy time, so just walk on thin ice, keep the physical down to a minimum and don't flaunt it every where, keep it low key until your ages sound a bit better together.

  • It's a little weird. Personally, I think that you should date a guy between 16-19. Girls mature faster than guys and the age difference is a bit much...sure as friends you get along great, but you guys probably shouldn't date.

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