Is it right for him to do this?

Me and this guy have been dating off and on for maybe a year. nd I was with him and he just started kissing me and like took me down nd like he's a pretty big guy so I couldn't get up. I kept asking him to get off but he wouldnt. THen he help me down by my wrists and I tried so hard to get away from him. Then I stared crying. He let me up and comforted me. Is this right? I mean we still hang out nd stuff. HE's sweet but sometimes that comes outta him and I am so scared...what do you guys think?


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  • I think your guy might have deeper problem. Could lead to rape, I would just be careful when you are around him. And try not to lead him on unless you want it. If he had trouble stopping last time he may not stop next time.


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  • no that's not right. thankfully he did let you go, it could have been very serious if he didn't. Has he got an anger problem and change very quickly, or was this a one off?

    • Umm no we were together at the time...

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