Desperate texting?

boys if your interested in a girl how often do you want her to text you? do you get excited if she texts you or would you rather do the texting? how much does it affect how things are going if she's always initiating convo first?


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  • well my ex used to texts me 24/7, when she woke up, through out the day, and all through the night untill she went to sleep. and that drove me up the wall. but its not that I don't like it when a girl texts me, because I do, you just need to know when it is appropiet.

    eg. girl texts a boy 7am in the mornin, on a saturday, when its his day off and she knows he likes a lie in.

    ^^^ that would really annoy me.

    girls texts a boy 11am, asking him to meet her in town

    ^^^ I see this perfect, id rather a call, but I text is sometimes easier(specially if either of the girl or boy, is nervous about speaking over the phone)

    but when it comes to a casual text (" hey how are you? did you do anthin nice 2day?")

    i see it fit that you should only initiate a text conversation about 2 times a day if ur desperate to be in touch, if you have initiated a few times already, why not wait 2 see if he will initiat in any texts.

    When it comes to phone calls, I can handle any amount of phone calls off a girl in 1 day, because I just like phone calls lol, they are more engaging, what I do not like, is when I get called by a girl I like, who is also with her friends, and they are all tryin 2 talk on the phone, and they keep hanging up and calling back every 2 minutes.

    all of this though ^^^^ definitely applies to me, and most of the boys I know, but it doesent apply to every man some men might like being monitered by a girl 24/7 but I like my own time.


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  • I'd like her to txt me and ofcourse I'l txt her either way , sure I'll be so excited because that mean she's thinking about me , at least once a day the txt if we're into each other ,it gonna make me feel she's really into me that she want always talk to me aand check on me , although theirs some guys who don't like that , the best way to know is how hee react for that generally .


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  • Good Lord! A conversation is not do be had over text! For God's sake woman call him. What the heck is happening to society? Does anyone actually talk to each other? I mean so they can hear each others voice? I bet he would get way more excited if he could hear your voice and not just see some type on his phone. Quit with the texting already and call each other. When you actually talk you can hear the excitement in his voice, the nervousness, the tone in his voice when he says you name. You would be able to tell how initiating a conversation first makes him feel, if he is annoyed or happy.