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I got interested in this guy about a month ago, and he showed interest in me, too. We made out a bit and he kissed me very affectionately days following. Winter break began, and he was busy with his family a lot (so he said) and we didn't talk that much over break. But when break was over and he came back, he was suddenly in a relationship with a girl from his hometown.

We have been hanging out a few times since class started back up, and he has been very friendly, flirty, and touchy.. (tickling me and touching/being very frisky/handsy, spanking.. etc) of course no kissing.. I have been so confused since then, but couldn't take it anymore, so I texted him that I was kind of mad at him for getting me hot and bothered, then getting into a relationship and that that was the reason I was acting weird around him.

He just told me not to sweat it and that we could just be friends and that he needs to "be good anyways". I asked him later why he kissed me in the first place and he said "I don't know, maybe it was me saying goodbye to the little bit of fun we had but those days have to be behind us. I don't mean to get you all twisted up but it's just best this way"

I feel like I might be reading too much into this.. what is your opinion on the matter?


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  • Hit it and quit it... Execept he's a p**** for not taking it further. Definitely forget about him


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