Girls, would you date a guy who was as tall as you were?

I am talking to this guy and he is same height as me (5'7) but I'm not sure if I should date him. What do you think?


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  • You should not date him. because you're obviously not attracted to him if you're that concerned about his height..

    • yeah you're right. He's just a really good catch. Like, he's really smart and hard-working. He has pretty blue eyes and he likes to cook. He likes having intelligent convos and he is supportive of my hobbies.

    • omg you look like this guy that I know named Josh. wtf

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  • Are you that shallow?

    • Yeah I knew I was gonna get an answer like this.

    • I'm just laughing because girls always complain about guys being shallow and speak to the world on how it's the personality that really matters. And here you find a guy you like and he's the same height as you and that's a make or break criteria. LMAO

      If a guy comes here and say I love that girl but she has only A-cup t*ts, should I date her?

      EVERY women will come and shoot him on the spot for being a shallow ass.

      Sorry but sometimes double standards get on my nerves !

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  • no..because you can't wear heels..and there are days..when every girl feels like they need to wear a good pair..if your guy is your'll feel awkward..

  • Why should height matter? I'm short so all guys are way taller than me and when I askthem about height they tell me that it doesn't matter. If you like him, then deal with it and if not then move on?

    • You're a girl, of course being short isn't gonna matter to guys. lmao

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    • But it's not the same. It's a double standard.

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