What do you prefer doing for a first date?

Guys: What do you typically do for your first dates? If you have another preference please leave a comment

Girls: What do you feel most comfortable doing with a guy for a first date?

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  • Dinner
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  • Movie
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  • Dinner then Movie
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  • Movie then Dinner
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  • Grab a drink
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Most Helpful Girl

  • The first date will be nerve wraking and akward... IF you don't do the right things. Girls usually feel comfortable with a movie. Preferably a romantic one, as girls love to have you stroke her hand in the dark or cuddle up to you, to feel secure. It might be a bit awkward at first, but just start talking about stuff that she likes. Girls don't like it when boys talk too much about them, or football. After the movie take her for a drink. At her door, give her a sweet, gentle goodnight kiss. Second date is when your kisses get a bit more advanced. Hope this helps! xD Good Luck with that special someone!


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What Girls Said 2

  • I prefer something more original than this, actually, and maybe something with an activity? Even just taking a walk.

  • Movie is not a good choice because you can't really communicate there. Dinner or drinks (but don't get drunk) are usually the best things to do. Also checking out local cultural events can be a good experience.


What Guys Said 2

  • Really, it depends on the girl. A dinner is nice, but not enough imo. I'd probably do whatever we have in common with an interest. That's generally because I'm friends with people before I go out with them :P so I already know what we both like for the most part.

  • Cafe (Hot chocolate, coffee, or tea) and just chat for a few hours.