How to get my shy Asian guy to initiate?

My new Korean boyfriend is awesome but he has never really initiated kissing.

When we do kiss he gets really into it but it's always me that is looking to kiss him. The only times that we have had a proper snog fest are when I've pulled him into a back alley or into a stairwell.

He's a bit shy, a gentleman and is really about being respectful to women. In Korea, public displays of affection are really modest and we've only met up in public areas so, that could have something to do with it.

I've tried to send him signs, and I'm usually very obvious about my feelings so I'm probably sending out beacons saying "Kiss me please". But when he ignores/rebuffs my advances, I feel a bit like a sleaze. I don't want to feel like a sleaze, I just want him to kiss me ;_;


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  • I think it is probably what you already said, in that it's a cultural thing and you might have to repsect that and not push him into kissing you in public. It's not a bad thing - everyone is different and the main thing is that he loves you and makes you feel loved and comfortable with him - he kisses you in hidden places like the back alley or stairwell, so it;s not like he doesn;t like to kiss you! He just prefers not to do it in public and like I said, this is not a bad thing and you might need to accept this.


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  • In public places, it's difficult for most people to kiss. But I think you should just let him know that you really want to kiss and want him to initiate it. Shy guys are like that, not just Asian guys. I don't think he'll reject you or whatnot if you tell him.


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