Is she worth it, or?

So it's this one girl from school I like, and I've also told her so; and yet we do speak a lot together.

And I'm wondering, since I don't have a lot of experience with girls, then I wonder if she is worth trying.

To begin with, I noticed that our eyes met alot, and they still do, but still I'm not sure if she do like me or not, and she've even said she doesn't like me the same way. Is it because she's afraid, or is it true?

I've known her for about half a year now, and I'd say we've become good friends. After I told her that I liked her, our friendship hasn't been any different from what it was, and I wonder if anyone could have been in the same situation as the girl, and tell me how it is from the other side.

When I asked her out, she first said "what would we do then?" and I suggested a few things, and she said she wanted to sleep on it. The next day she said to me that she didn't want to because she was afraid that it was going to be "badly" ( I don't know if it's the right word to use.. ) but she said she'd be happy to hang out with me some day.

My feelings for her is something I've never felt for a girl before. I get exited when I see her, and when she talks to me, it makes my day.

Do you think she is afraid to tell me she likes me (if she does), or is it like she doesn't like me..?

Should I keep trying, or should I give her up?


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  • Well, from what I see I think she likes you but has a hard time believing you'll be a good boyfriend rather than just a friend. From me being a girl I kinda did something like that with a boy I like even now and I made him like me so I was on the rise but then I was going crazy for him every moment I was dreaming of him even though I was the laidbacked one.

    He just continued his life being busy and doing what he liked and that drove me nuts since all the guys like me, not kidding I didn't know why he was so cool to me.

    My point is she's doing what all nice girls do which is when liking someone and your not so sure or brave, having them come up to you is really scary and girls love it but trust me they get scared of any bad things or events coming out of the relationship

    My suggestion dude, get busy busy and every time you see her say hi like a busy popular boy having no time for her but in a nice way but no conversations ok? Her mind will say did he give up? Then it'll say no because he's nice and talks to me but wait, he's not bothering me about us omg. I need to show some interest before he thinks I don't like him. Trust me just not too much on her OK but say hi be nice and always hang with the boys she'll think your a guy with a group and life and since she's a nice girl, give her time and she'll come around . But don't forget to ahow interest because she'll think you moved on since girls hate rejection too. Good luck


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