What is the difference between dating and being in a relationship?

What is the difference? I have been on 4 dates with this girl, so does that consider us dating? But when I ask her to be my girlfriend what is different than dating?


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  • It depends on you and the girl and what you think the differences are. Overall, I think dating is very no-strings, with little responsibility to the other person in many areas. When you are dating, there are no guarantees as to when you will see each other next or whether you are dating one person or many. Even that statement can vary between people, but as an adult I do not expect a guy or myself to be exclusive until we have that conversation and are in a relationship. I actually do expect that neither of us is having sex with someone else, only because that just doesn't seem very sincere or show the kind of interest in each other I would want. It doesn't seem very serious to me if a guy or gal cannot abstain from casual flings when we are dating.

    Some of the differences I find when you are in a relationship are:

    1. You see each other more frequently or at least expect to and discuss it if you cannot.

    2. You meet each other families, if possible.

    3.. Anyone of significance in your life will know you are in a relationship.

    4. You are exclusive to each other.

    Relationships are also seen as the next step in a possible line of steps towards marriage, though not always the case if you are young.


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  • Right now you're dating. It's different than being in a relationship because right now you're not committed or exclusive. She can drop out of sight if she wants and she can see other people right now. When you ask her to be your girlfriend, you'll be committed and exclusive.

  • Well it can be sort of the same. Dating is still having options being in relationship there are no options. 4 dates I would think she would like to start something with you..


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