Hanging out after meeting at a party?

So I met a pretty hot girl at a party the other day and we became "facebook friends" What should one do to meet again?

It feels pretty odd to just send a message stating: "HEY GIRL, WANNA HANG?!"


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  • Okay haha

    just ask her, be straight up

    "hey, I think yerr pretty cute, wanna hang out sometime? (:"


    girls like when a boy is straight up!


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  • First , if she's like a freind of a friend then you could always arrange with that " Friend" a group outing , but if you met her and no one else knows her then ask yourself , there must be a reason why you guys hit it off in the first place to be "Fb Friends" , If she's ever online chat with her and make the conversation lead up to a " hey , you wanna hang sometime or somethin like that and see where it goes. Don worry about it .

    Hope I helped.

  • tell her it was nice to meet her that night and that you would love to take her out again to get to know her better


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