What is the most important point for a man?

I've already 28 years old, I am not ugly, not fat, and got nice characteristic, good job. but no one want to date with me, why was that?


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  • if your all that good, then there are only to concerns we might need to check your personality..second it your stature..

    1.personality wise if your an approachable person and your easy to talk to then definitely there is a guy out there that would love to be with you.but if not you need to change something..and also if your character is too outspoken probably this intimidates some guys..

    2.stature with your current success some guys would probably think your high maintenance and unreachable, may be hard to please..but it still depends on your situation

    if these 2 things are not the factors..please provide further info on your experiences so we can check if I can relate to it


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  • How's your personality?