Going into stripping? Never good enough?

So I broke up with my boyfriend today. We were off and on it wasn't healthy. Whenever something good happens in my life, it gets ruined. He would never leave his house and lived an hour away. We haven't seen each other in over a month cause he didn't want to drive to me. I got a rental car to drive down to him but we got in a argument he told me not to come down. He was my first official boyfriend but would never come and hang out w/me and my friends. He always relied on his mom to make his car appointments. he's really indecisive. he's not working so he could drive in right? He makes jokes about other women to me. And always tells me to send him nudes. Am I ever gonna find the right guy? I honestly am done and want to go into stripping. I've got low self esteem, daddy issues and come from a broken home. Perfect right?
Going into stripping? Never good enough?
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