Should I just call her?

My girl and I broke up about a month ago. I have been trying not to talk to her and have not responded to any of her texts. She was texting me every few days for the fist couple of weeks after we broke up but she has not text me in a week or so. Her friend asked me why I had not been talking to her and I told her the truth, which was that I just wanted some time to figure things out. I also told her friend that she (my ex) has not text me lately. Her friends response was that she (my ex) was afraid to call or text because she was afraid that I just would ignore her because I was mad at her. Should I just give my ex a call? I have not decided if I want to get back together with her but I would like to be on good terms with her.


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  • You should call her, you don't know if she wants to be on good terms. Just call her and talk, it will probably will be awkward in the beginning but I think it will work out. Good luck :)


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