What's the worst or funniest pick up line anyone used on you?

Someone told me you look like my daughter while looking at my breasts, then asked me out, so that got me thinking


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  • Can't think of any used on me, but one of my sister's old boyfriends was pissing in a restroom when the guy next to him said, "You'll never get any girls with a little dick like that, why don't you come with me?". I heard this 3rd hand so I'm not sure if the guy was gay or a pimp.


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  • A girl once told me to "stop acting so cool", standing propped against a wall.
    I didn't realise I was being cool, I was just tired and was leaning my back against the wall. Despite being weird, it was nice.

    • that was her way of flirting? weird lol

    • Yes, I didn't realise it at first. Tbh I thought she was being sarcastic and making fun of me lol. But found out shortly after, that was her idea of hitting on me. A strange girl, for sure.

  • I'd really have to think about it. I've gotten compliments from people that were very awkward bc they'd almost seem like flirting even though it probably wasn't.

    And I've had a handful of awkward situations with males. Like an old man that worked where I paid my tuition at college. He was very weird, like we didn't know each other and he acted extrange. Tried adding me on Facebook. Lol and I can go for really long. It's so uncomfortable

  • I can't answer that, aside from two guys, no one's ever tried to pick me up.

    • So what's the worst one you used on someone?

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    • wow, both of those are supposed to be funne for sure but are crude af ;D

    • There's always Capt. Kirk's line, "Fuck me and I'll save the planet."

  • I've never had a pick up line used on me.

    • so what was the worst one you used or just heard perhaps?

    • Something like, you must be tired, cause you've been running through my head all night.

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