Should I date this girl?

I used to like this girl last year, when I told her I liked her she started saying really cruel stuff, it really hurt me(I have mild depression). This year she really likes me, and a reason I don't really want to date her because of what she did. I might reconsider, but when I asked her why, she said "I think I was just scared to date you last year"

do you believe that statement, "I think I was just scared to date you last year"? I personally think its a bit of bs, but I am so undecided


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  • umm if she was scared to date u, she didn't have to be cruel did she? but the important thing is ... can you like her, do you like her ? if the answer yes then you should try but carefully.. you dnt want to get hurt do you?

    good luck :)

    • thanks, this is really helpful, but do you believe what she said? I kind of think its a bit of BS and I don't know what to do

    • i do think its a bit of BS haha.. to tell you the truth I think you should forget her .. but if she changed, like I mean if she realized she was a bitch and now she has changed she deserves a chance but I don't know ... I still think the best thing is move on ...

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