Im always hanging out with guys, is that wrong?

ok see, I'm always hanging with the guys and they don't usely let girls into ther group, like I'm the only girl at the table unless there girlfriends are there. guys just treat me like one of them and a lot of girls get pissed because I'm hanging with there boyfriends and things but I don't see any thing wrong. is there sumthing wrong with me. I like guys as more then just friends but I just find I can hang with them better


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  • There's nothing wrong with you. Most people are just too insecure to cross the gender barrier, and usually only spend time with the opposite sex when they're in a romantic relationship. Whenever a girlfriend gets possessive around you, that's just her insecurities coming to light -- she's worried that she isn't good enough to keep her boyfriend from looking for another gal. In this case they fear that gal could be you. Make it clear to her that you're just friends, and have no plans to be anything more than that. Even if you do, lie. ;)

    It's becoming increasingly more common for girls to have a large amount of platonic male friendships, though it's still quite rare for a guy to have a large amount of female friends. This is because while girls can label a guy as a 'friend' and leave it at that, guys are more visual and simple scenarios can move someone from the 'friend' category to the 'oh my god she's hot' category.

    • Thnx, so its not weird to be the only girl in the group of 7 or 8 guys?

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    • Ok and ur a guy right? I mean you don't find it slutty when sumtimes the guys flirt and you still hangout with the guys. I eat lunch wit my group almost everyday and I was out when we picked new seats one day, I came back and my desk was in the middle of 11 guys thinks to my bud chanler who wanted me to seat behind me. he broke up wit his girlfriend after I started hanging wit him so that's y I was thinking it was wrong, well she broke up wit him

    • I am a guy, yes. People flirt -- as long as you don't lead them on or go too far it's fine.

      You cannot be blamed for what she did. If a girl ever breaks up with one of your friends because they're hanging with you, that's not your fault. You're not doing anything to make them think you're anything more than a friend (I assume).

      Simply put, it's not slutty to have guy friends as long as you're not acting slutty. If one of your friends makes a move, be clear that you're just friends.

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  • DId you by chance grow up with a brother or two? Just a hunch, but some of us girls can relate better to guys than girls. You are definately not a weirdo, hun. I think you actually have an advantage in this see, guys want a girl who CAN hang with the's the "cool" factor. And the basis of any relationship should be friendship, so if you are already considered a "homie" to these guys, one might just strike your fancy and the friendship is already there. I say just be who you are and hang with who you want and don't let the fact that you have more guy friend than chick make you feel different. You have a rare quality and you should embrace that. Good luck, hun!

    • Yea I have 8 brothers andi grew up hanging with them, I didn't meet my sister intill I was 10 years old

  • I'm pretty sure it's just jealousy in the other girls' case lol. I hang out with mostly guys too, and when they get girlfriends it feels awkward for me, like I can feel the girl's anger at me haha.

    But really, some girls would just rather hang out with guys. I used to hang out with just girls, but I've found that I prefer guys now. They're just less dramatic, they don't get all caught up in gossip, and they're down to just sit around and relax haha. There's definitely nothing wrong with you :]

  • It is ok, most of my friends are still guys and I am often times the only girl with the guys group no matter what they are doing.(Playing cards, going to the casino, and hanging out) It is who you are and you get a lot of insight into the male psyche lol. Girls that lack confidence or feel threatened by you but no keep hanging out with the guys because they seem to let you be yourself you don't have to pretend to be something you are not.Be true to yourself it will fall into place when it is supposed to.

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