Going on a first date. EEEEK!!!

I say "first date" because it's not official...so I guess it's more of hanging out. But I met him at a club and he wants to hangout. I've never done this before, so I'm kinda nervous.

Anyone care to help a sista out?



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  • It's official, you got a date! You go girl! Otherwise, he's a loser if he goes to clubs looking for platonic friendship.

    Think of a few questions to ask him. Wear some of your better clothes with make-up. If you're feeling really scared about being alone with someone new, buy some pepper spray. Good luck!

    • lol to the pepper spray. thanks for the encouragement. hope everything goes well tomorrow.

What Girls Said 1

  • Be more specific? Where are you going, wht are you doing?

    • getting ice cream :]

    • okay so I recommend dressing casual but nice-maybe jeans and a nice top and nice shoes. Wear some makeup, but go more natural instead of glam. Do your hair nicely. Just relax and be yourself.

    • oook :] thanks for the help.