He's seeing other people

I have been talking to a guy I met online for a couple weeks now (two to be exact) and we hit it off great. He even told his family about me and wanted me to meet his kids.

However, he began acting strange. He went from calling me every day to barely calling at all. He also began to call at only very late hours at night- the "booty call" times.

So to make a long story short, I went through his phone and saw that he was dating other chicks. Which yes, technically, he can since we're not "official". However, he lied about going out with friends when instead he was on other dates and even lied to me when I confronted him about it.

I know technically he can date other people, but he has consistently asked if I was when we met and told me how much he cared about me and how he wanted to try to see where we went when he deployed.

Do you think I should continue to see this guy or just drop him since he could just be a potential player?


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  • I think you should stop any communication with him it seem he's a player.

    • I agree. It sucks because I actually drove 1.5 hours since his car wasn't reliable, even in the snow in rush hour traffic just to take him to work. what a shame.

    • he's not worth it, you can get better than that,you are young and there's many fish in the lake, the right guy will come to you not you to him.

    • totally agree. thank you so much! time to move on, easy come easy go :]

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