Do all relationships end up in rebound? She been with him 2 years.

Just wondering what rebound is. I guess she has him as a convenience sense she seems to be crazy in love with me. I'm starting to fall for her. She already offered sex. But the thing is she has a boyfriend. Can some couples not go through rebound? If so how do you tell if I will. Rebounds they say never work. Why. I've never been in one. I don't want to loose her so how do I make sure I can keep her. Should I let her have a rebound with anther guy then date her?


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  • Absolutely dude. This is how post break-ups work:

    Guys- Drink a lot, cry, punch things

    Girls- Party a lot, sleep with everyone that talks to them.

    • So if she stays with her boyfriend but sleeps with me she dosn't go threw rebound? Or if I tell her won't sleep with her while she going threw rebound. I have a chance? I'm just looking for a answer to when should I approach her and maybe be able to Keep her. If it's just about emotions then at what point is she attached and going to have rebound? I mean sleeping with a guy for a week dosn't mean rebound for a girl since she isn't emotionally tied to him correct?

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    • and "though"

    • and "through".. f***. I'm drunk and can still spell.