Why would he cancel the first date?

There's a guy who's a friend and a classmate of my best friend. We know each other a little but we never talked or anything. Last week, we met online and he asked me on a date. He was saying things like he can't wait and that I'm so charming bla bla bla and that he's a afraid he'll be nervous because he's a little shy in person.We arranged a double date with that friend of mine so it'd be more comfortable. The last time we talked online was on Wednesday and today, the friend of mine told me he's changed his mind and the date's not gonna happen.

Why would he cancel the date if it was him who was interested in getting to know me?


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  • Well, you said he was nervous, so maybe he wasn't ready. He may have decided he isn't attracted to you as much as he thought. Maybe he's busy the day the date was.

    I suggest just casually talking to this guy like you used to online. Maybe he'll tell you.


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