Any first date ideas?

OK I'm in high school and I don't really have much money, what is a good date idea for something cheap and she will love? Its winter where I am so outdoor activities are limited..


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  • Ok if you haven't officially asked her then buy just a plain cup from Starbucks nothing in it. If she works then set it on the hood of her car with a rock in it and on the outside write want to get coffee your name and your number. If she doesn't work leave it on her porch. Also works if you have already asked just write just a hint if what's to come. If you can't make the date "amazing" make her think you are that's what's important.

    Oh its cute too if you put one flower in the hole where your suppose to drink. Good Luck!

    • good idea I might try this out.

  • Take her to a movie, bowling, or indoor mini golfing! Bowling's a lot of fun because it's very cheap, it's competitive in a fun way, and there's tons of fun stuff to do!


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