What makes a guy change his feeling so fast?

Seriously it always happens to me and I have no idea. At first the guy seems very interested, sends messages, flirts and compliments. However after a month and half it changes drastically. I’m not clingy or needy at all, since I’ve been hurt so much I barely show emotions. I always , a l w a y s, says what I’m lookin at first talk! Which is serious, monogamy relationship. All the guy I’ve dated always said they were also into a serious relationship and not looking for hookups but after a awhile it seems like they’re losing it and I have no damn i idea what I’m doing wrong.

Last one I’ve dated for a month and half, it was amazing and promising at first. But change completely after I slept at his. We Did not even have sex. Just touched each other and other stuff. Cause I had told him Id not sleep with him a few months till I know it’s real. And wanna wait because I’ve been hurt. He respected this. So what have changed? Suddenly he decided he’s afraid to commit because he was hurt in the past and blah blah blah. So why not saying you’re scared at first?

Seriously it breaks my heart every fucking time and I can’t trust anyone because it always happens. I’m in tears. What the hell?
What makes a guy change his feeling so fast?
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