When you go on a first date with someone new...?

A random question I thought about asking on here just to see what everyone says...

Do you have any expectations?

Are there little things that could be a deal breaker?

Sorry didn't make it clear, question is for girls and guys.


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  • Im not sure if you only want to hear from guys, but if you'd like to know what I think..When I go on a first date the deal breakers for me are...Negative attitude over all, chewing with their mouth open (manners please!) He doesn't back me up on topics that I truly believe in. He flirts or stairs at other girls. Lies. has ever cheated. He criticizes me. Drinks too much on the first date. and if he is really into starwars or larping...deal breakers!

    I know it is kinda a long list but if you don't have expectations then what does that say about how you think about your self.


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  • If it's a first date, dealbreakers for me are: being rude, pushing something sexual/getting angry when rejected, and not paying. On a first date, (if the guy is anyone worth dating), both parties are on their best behavior. If any of those things come up on a first date, it says that he either doesn't care enough to give a good impression, or that IS his best behavior. I want none of that.

    • not paying as in buying both yours and his meal, or splitting 50/50?

    • As in, if he asks me on the date, and then expects me to buy or split it. If I asked him on a date, I'd expect to pay for all of it. That's the polite thing to do. Any guy really wanting to impress me would never let me pay (all of my guy friends and my dad have told me that)

  • NEVER talk about exes. don't ask and don't tell even minor things. Don't only go to the movies or a concert or whatever because it doesn't allow for any conversation. The guy should pay but I guess it's okay to split the bill for the first date. If he ever talks bad about exes or girls in general. AGAIN NEVER bring up exes. Not flirting at all makes it seem like he's not interested. If he answers his phone or calls someone for no reason-that is so rude. Staring at other girls or something would be very bad. If he starts talking about sex

  • if he's late

    texts throughout/takes calls


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