He told me to get in contact with him if I was interested after our first date...so I did.

I asked if he wanted to do something later in the week, he was busy the day I asked, and he didn't offer to go out another day, but said maybe we could meet up after.

Feels like I just got blown off...


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  • maybe he was REALLY busy and didn't want to make a plan can't make. so I think you just need to wait for a while and see if he would move or not.

  • i have the same problem, ONLY my guy has cancelled like 3 times, makes you wonder, if your being played right ?

    the best way, I think, is to make him see, how much your worth. FE for the next week, try to meet him just by coincidence, wearing clothes that make you look extremely hot...

    worked with my guy.

    sideeffects might be same behavior in the nearer future, at leasr on my case.

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