Second kiss, help!!!

I've been going out with this guy for a while...really getting to like him more and more, we kissed once that was my first kiss ever and well we're going out again on Saturday and most likely we will kiss again but I'm concerned because that will be my second kiss what do I do? How can I make it seem like I'm not a novice? How should I kiss him so that he likes it? Thanks :)


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  • You should kiss him before he can make the move to kiss you. THAT would be the best thing you could do! You don't have to eat his face off or anything, just a kiss on the lips at the right moment. He'll love it.


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  • lol don't worry too much about it =) just take it slow, everyone has their own different kissing styles. you'll find what you like, and your own style eventually. there's really no telling if someone's a "novice" or not.. and each kiss with each different person will be different. you can't know what he likes unless you actually ASK him.. but that's kinda weird lol so just follow his lead, generally if you mimic what the other person does, its pretty good.