What are the best free dating sites?

I've tried OKcupid, plentyoffish, sometimes craigslist and a few other sites with no luck. I'm 18 trying to find a girl to date in my area (Queens, NY) where should I look?


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  • Dude, you live in new york. There are 4 million women in the city, with probably 200,000-400,000 in your age range.

    Even if you're picky as hell and only want to talk to the most banging hot top 10% girls in the area, that's like 20,000 women. Even if 75% of them are taken or aren't looking for dates that leaves 5000 super hot, local single girls between 18 and 25. FIVE THOUSAND.

    What the hell are you doing?

    • Easier said than done. And I've always preferred online

    • easier said then done.. just because you live in a large area like that does not mean that you are going to have a big picking.. I used to think the same (I live 26 miles from NYC) and now I hate having to weed out the matches from NYC because most of them are too high up or very spendy.