Lunch date = just friends?

Met this attractive girl two weeks ago. Was supposed to have a one on one date but it turned into a group date. Didn't really get to know her well. We are seeing each other again this Sunday. We may have a dinner date but it's a lunch date tentatively. We decided to talk again on Saturday to figure things out but does a lunch date mean she isn't that sexually attracted to me? I hope I get to have a dinner date and then do something afterward...


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  • it may just be the most convenient time for her.


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  • you've said you didn't get to know her well in the initial dinner date yet she's allowing you to have lunch with her... how will you not get to know her over lunch?
    i think you need to be more clear on what you want from this relationship with this woman.


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  • She may just have a lot of other commitments. My Girlfriend is a nurse and our first few dates were all lunch dates because she was frequently assigned night shifts. We've been together for 10 months now, so you shouldn't take a slow start to mean she doesn't want a relationship.

    Hope that helps, good luck man!