What do I do if the guy I like can't show it because of his friends.

This guy likes me and I like him. We always catch a glimpse at each other in class and smile at each other. We both hang out because where in the same "group" of friends but we can't really talk to each other. only catch, his best friend likes me to! He knows he can;t talk to his "guys" about me because his best friend will find out, and harass him. Now the other problem is I used to go out with his best friend (& he still thinks he controls me) but I'm completely over him! I'm not using this guy as a rebound, I really really like him. He has always been there for me, through the ups and downs of my last relationship with his best friend and we both became really close friends. He has always given me messages that he likes me like, " if I where to go out with a girl..." that are directed towards me but not literally. Its hard because we can't talk at school, because his friends. The only way we can talk is through AIM or Text. What do we do? ):


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  • He should decide want's more. To be able to talk to you and trouble or hiding. Its up to him I guess.


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  • Put your big girl panties on and talk to him at school. Ask him on a date, go to a movie, whatever. Who cares if your ex doesn't like it? He's your ex. If he rather have a private relationship than actually having a regular one than he's not worth it. If his friend has a problem then let the boys figure it out, that part is not your problem.

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