I'm tired of being treated like a dog! Why does he do this to me?

I've been dating this guy for 4 months and everything was good until his friends got involved in the picture. He lives an hour away from me and every time he says his going to come see me he ends up spending time with his friends. The other day I went to see him and he was all happy and when I got there he wasn't home and he didn't answer my calls. The next day he text me in the morning ~oo I fell asleep at my friends house it was a long week and I didn't see your calls. I ignored him and then he text me ten days later asking how I was and I blew up on him and told him I wasn't his dog waiting for him to come home so I could wag my tail and play with him. We had two days full of deep conversations were he told me he really liked me and how special I was and that he wanted me in my life. I told him I would give him an opportunity but if he was a jerk to me then I told him that his dog was running away and going up for adoption. Then he swore to me he wasn't going to let me down blah blah blah. So I decided to give it a try and I've even spiced up the relationship and doing so many things for him and guess what! His ignored me the past two days. I've given up and text him and I've asked him hey how are you? Him: work is stressful and I'm alright. HELLO? He doesn't ask me how I am and I just had surgery on Wednesday. Shouldn't he be a little worried? His already letting me down ? Why does he do this to me? and he was suppose to come see me but he already made other plans for tomorrow with his friends. on one of his facebook post one of his friends invited him to do something and he agreed)


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  • If his friends are more important than you something is wrong.

    I believe in hanging out with friends and all that, but to repeatedly dump you for his friends?

    Do you even know who these friends are?

    I would leave him. You already told him what would happen if he continued to neglect you. Plus he doesn't ask about surgery? If he cared about you and you were "special" to him, you wouldn't even be having this problem.

    Just cut off all communication. No texting, no calling, no facebook. EVERYTHING. Delete him. block him, get rid of him.

    Like you said, you aren't his dog.

  • I'm sorry but you should leave this guy. I don't know how old you guys are, but he sounds really immature and like he's just not serious about this relationship. And no matter what you do, you can't change him or make him like you more. Find a guy who is good to you and gives you attention...don't ever make excuses for a guy who continues to flake out!