Girls, best idea for first date?

Soooooo... me and this girl have been talking and we actually really get on! She is away for the weekend but I wanted to ask her for a date when she comes back. These are some ideas that I had in mind, what do you girls think? If you got any suggestion just let me know

  • Bowling + Arcades
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  • Cinema
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  • Dinner
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  • Coffee Date
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  • Other
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  • Bowling. It'd be so much more fun. I'd go with something like bowling (or ice skating, or a hike, any number of things) for the first date, and then a traditional dinner soon after as the second. Generally speaking, women will use the first date, typically a dinner, as a litmus test for how compatible the two of you are, so definitely follow up with it soon after, so she can still make sure you fit for her before getting in too deep.

  • Movie then dinner, have something to talk about at dinner.


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