If the person you love isn't able to make time for you, should you be investing your time thinking about him?

If you haven't confessed your love, you were in the procedure of knowing each other better since one month... you were signs that he was interested and feel for you too (may be)... but you also know that work has hit him hard, he tries doing small conversation after one or two days... but work has stopped that "knowing each other better" procedure... should you be investing your time thinking about him? Does he deserve it? (because you love him and can't stop thinking !)
  • NO, he doesn't deserves then (opinion? WHY?)
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  • YES, give him time he'll be back (comment how much time?)
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  • It depends. If work is real stressful to him he might not have the energy to invest in developing a relationship. Or it could be that he isn't quite interested "enough" to invest the time and effort. He might very well like you but isn't quite available for various reasons.

    • 4d

      And may be he will get back to me after he's a little free? 😮 because he made it a point telling me twice that he was sorry as he is not able to get online even for days because of this busy schedule that sometimes comes where all his work, studies, and activities clash!

    • 4d

      Well I would advise not to spend too much energy wondering if he will follow through. Sometimes things like this work out and sometimes they don't. Keep your options open.

    • 3d

      Yeah very right.

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