What do I do, how should I act , look like, say? Everything matters on March 17th need advice.

I was with the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful, intelligent girl, I have ever known for the best 15 months of my life. My stupidity, anger, and negativity ruined it 5 months ago.

She got a new boyfriend he is air force she is army they will have been together for 5 months in march.

On the 17th I am going to Las Vegas she is too with her friends we are going to meet in her hotel or mine and hash out our problems, and the reasons for the break up she never said just gave me a canned answer and that was it. filleted my heart to the raw nerve and has left this gaping hole where my heart was ever since. She has been talking to my best friend and his girlfriend for about three months now just found out. she wants absolutely zero contact with me until that date if I break before that my chance is destroyed.

She got with this guy because she didn't want to be alone, needed someone and I think to spite me as well. This kid is rich has taken her to California, Colorado, all sorts of expensive places done so many thing I could not have afforded when we were together and at one point proposed to her she said no because she still loved me and the letter I sent to her.

She has said that before she goes with someone for real she wants to give me a second chance to see if I am back to being my happy self and have my head on right again.

I am so incredibly thankful and hopeful and outright terrified of that date and I have been shot and shot at and that didn't even compare to the fear I have right now of what if it all goes to hell that night. I love her so much had been saving for a ring we had our whole future planned out together and I f***ed it up so bad. Any advice would be helpful please. I love her and honestly would be the happiest man in the world if I could get her back and have things work like they should have the first time. I never cheated, lied, or anything else like that. I know the reasons for the break up I do the time apart and my best friend sorted everything out for me even when I flipped out lost my job was at my very worst she is still willing to give us a second chance even after I was desperate, needy, and downright scary. I am so thankful that she is so caring, so forgiving and so amazing. this experience knocked me on my ass so violently that I didn't think I would ever recover I am still pulling my wits back together and am honestly humbled. I have one shot that's it no third time is a charm its honestly do or die for me period. What do I do how should I act , look like, say? I have an outline but more input is wanted. I want her to know how bad she hurt me but don't want to guilt her into coming back. I know I hurt her more than anyone ever has and am ready to take whatever she is going to dish out I deserve it. I just want the best advice on how to handle this how to get us over this mountain and make us happier than ever before make it the best thing that's ever happened to us again except better.


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  • You should absolutely apologize again for whatever you did, and then tell her the truth - that you want her back, and then let her talk. Tell her you want her to tell you how everything made her feel and what she wants to do about it.

    But after you do apologize leave it right there. Tell her you want your lives to begin again after you leave that room in Vegas - hence the whole 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' thing. Tell her that the past is the past and you want to be a part of her future. And mean it. Don't overdo it though...just speak from your heart and she will see its for real.

    • Define over do it. I know that I am going to have to be a master over my emotions that night because I know I will feel like breaking down and crying. I want to tell her everything I wrote but don't want her to become I don't know disgusted by me when I say it.

    • When I said don't overdo it I just meant don't go TOO far when you tell her you are sorry. Don't grovel, don't beg, don't get on your knees, don't say that EVERYTHING is your fault, just apologize for what you yourself know is your fault and leave it at that. You need to be strong during this and let her know that you have your emotions intact. Because I'm just wondering how much she will believe if it looks too rehearsed, ya know what I mean?

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  • I think that you should be yourself, because she must truly love you for who you are. Just relax, and don't put any pressure on, and your right, don't guilt her into anything either. Just don't try to hard. Don't go all out on what you wear either, but make sure you look good, and smell nice. I would definately buy her flowers, but that's just my opinion. Good Luck! I wish you the best, and I hope that you two can be together :)

    • Are you sure on the roses? I bought a dozen when I sent the second apology letter and all it did was get her mad going wtf we aren't together why is he sending me roses? I don't want it to seem like I am just trying to buy her affection because I am doing alright finally.

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    • I absolutely want to but I think I will call the front desk at her hotel ahead of time have roses and chocolate strawberries there on hold if everything goes right have them brought up and if not well my buddy gets to look like a saint with his girlfriend then lol

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  • Dude.. Just tell her this. All of this. Men are simple creatures, it's not like you are going to be able to hide your feelings anyways. TELL HER ALL OF THIS^^^^^^^^. She needs to hear how you feel about everything and how much you'd give for her to stay in your life.

    Short and sweet, bud. Be yourself and tell her all of this. Be sincere as hell. Don't break your gaze into her eyes during this. Don't even think about it. Just tell her. Everything.


    • Ah.. yeah.. now I can see how "all of this" can be a little misleading to a fast reader.. all of this = your question's summary. Alright, cheerio.

  • Beware of the Ides of March!